Enterprise Architecture

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Rely upon IT and business operation across the entire organization with Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides insight in the business and IT elements of which the organization is constructed and how these elements are related. Enterprise Architecture is also responsible for defining, developing and operating those elements. For example, EA gives a clear direction to the strategic intentions of the organization. This direction and the constant view on the current situation ensures Enterprise Architecture supports the organization in achieving goals in a both structured and manageable way.


How does Enterprise Architecture contribute to the success of your organization?
  • View of risks, white spots and potential improvement;
  • Better product and service delivery;
  • Knowledge of the priorities when changes need to be made;
  • Structure and control before, during and after changes are made;
  • Increases the quality of all elements and their mutual cohesion;
  • Improves internal cooperation, with insight in the coherence of all elements (including the organization itself) as a starting point.
  • Producten/diensten gaan beter aansluiten op de wensen van de klant;
  • Processes become more efficient;
  • Better support through an efficient and effectively operating IT landscape;
  • New initiatives at lower costs and faster time-to-market.


How do you organize Enterprise Architecture within your organization?

As soon as you choose to decentralize responsibilities, you will connect all elements. A decentralized organization increases both quality of insight and employee commitment. Do you provide data using one central platform in an understandable language? Then all parts will be connected. This ‘automatic’ coherence enables each knowledge area to further increase its own quality. The result? A flywheel that allows knowledge workers to find each other faster. Together better results will be achieved.

Why Enterprise Architecture with ValueBlue?

Whereas others use ‘architecture for architects’ as a starting point, ValueBlue focuses on the organization. We see Enterprise Architecture as the collaboration of multiple disciplines, where responsibilities are decentralized, supervised by those designated or accountable. ValueBlue surrounds itself with a ‘can-do’ and ‘think yes’ mentality. We work pragmatically and solution-oriented. In this way we are practically and strategically involved from the vision up to and including the realization of the ideal design of Enterprise Architecture. Our team is determined to pursue the goals of your organization. We focus on collaboration and the transfer of knowledge to the internal organization to ensure future achievements will be guaranteed.


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