Business Process Management

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Business Process Management with BlueDolphin

BPM Software to Optimize and Control Business Processes

BlueDolphin Business Process Modelling offers your organization the capability of modeling and optimizing ongoing working processes. In that way you get a better understanding of internal procedures and employees in different business units are enabled to share these working procedures with each other.

The great importance of insights

Due to external pressure and legislation, changes are taking place at a rapid pace, while requirements in terms of information security get higher. Organizations that control and manage the interaction of business processes and ICT, deliver added value. As soon as you gain insight in the methods of cooperation and the way company processes are managed, the interrelation between business processes and the way in which these processes are supported by ICT, your working processes get more efficient, less complex and less expensive. Thereby your ICT gets efficacious instead of ineffective.

Insight to align and manage together

In what way will you establish business processes and ensure results are obtained? How will you ensure both executives, managers as well as external consultants get to understand and read process models and in the exact same way? In what way are you going to make business and ICT controllable? BPM within BlueDolphin gathers information in one central source, independent of the locations where pieces of information are stored. BPM creates graphic reproductions that simplify communication and foster mutual understanding. Like this BPM translates complicated processes to insightful activities. With the Business Process Model, you model and optimize your existing work processes. Every step of each process is directly linked to the supporting IT resources. The direct link between business processes and IT stimulates coordination and cooperation.


A visualization speaks louder than words:

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Strategical, tactical and operational

BlueDolphin is a cooperation platform when IT comes to business processes (BPMN) and ICT Architecture. The system specifically benefits general use: everyone uses BlueDolphin without the need of specific training or knowledge. This means all those involved use one integrated system to improve your organization’s efficiency.


The principles of Business Process Management

Controls and manages activities of coworkers resulting in business processes that are focused on achieving
strategic business goals. Organizations depend on IT to reach their goals. IT-solutions substantiate a complete
vision on a professional organization and managing business processes. Business Process Management,
also referred to as BPM, focusses on the continuous improvement of these business processes. This improvement
is often found in the areas of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, customer friendliness and innovation. BPM focuses
on documentation, improvement and automation of business processes. It enables understanding of the
relations between processes, the coherence between sources of information, the processing of data and shows
what significant weaknesses are to be found in the workflow of an organization. Like this the complete BPM insight
is based on communicative, organizational, financial, IT and judicial aspects. Subsequently business management
is made more transparent and improves, primary objectives of your organization are provided with maximum
support and manual operations are automated.

Unique Features

Manageable organization

Modeling & Visualizing in BPMN standard

Governance, Risk en Compliance

Images say more than …

Insight into critical business processes