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The collaboration platform that does enable you to operationalize your strategy

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex and more coherent due to the digitization of organizations. Often organizational understanding of the way IT supports your business is scattered over dozens of different business units, departments and stakeholders. It often turns out that there is very little collaboration between these different holders of information, while processes are continuously optimized, improved and changed, just as the IT supporting these processes. Surprising, since to actually be able to execute your strategy in a succesful and efficient way, a comprehensive and organization wide insight in Business and IT is a precondition.

executing strategy to operation with architecture

BlueDolphin is the collaboration platform that enables everyone in your oranization to understand, add and edit all the information about Business, IT and Data in one single platform. By combining different modelling languages such as Archimate, BPMN, Data Modelling, Free modelling and Excel like questionnaires, and connecting with different information sources combined with a very easy user interface you can easily and quickly create a digital twin of your organization.

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BlueDolphin, developed by ValueBlue, is the cooperation platform in the area  of business processes  and IT Architecture. Hundreds of employees within organisations such as Unit4, Rijksmuseum and The Council of Amsterdam, easily benefit from BlueDolphin to identify improvement areas, plan and act. BlueDolphin exceptionally fast ensures a common understanding of the functionality of your IT landscape. BlueDolphin is active in the fields of:
Business Process Management, Enterprise ArchitectureApplication Lifecycle Management and Cloud Migration.

Unique Features


Link to sources and simply update


Powerful visualizations and reports provide new insights

Knowledge exchange

Big data technology supports the sharing of knowledge

User friendly

Supports collaboration at strategic, tactical and operational level


An unlimited number of users thanks to the simple licensing model

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