BlueDolphin Release November 2017

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BlueDolphin Release

November 2017

BlueDolphin is enriched with new features. Here we address these features in detail:

Duplicate objects
The release enables you to place an object multiple times on the same view. This used to be limited to one object per view. From now on you are, inter alia, able to model several scenarios on one view; roadmapping in short.

dupliceren kopiëren plakken

Copy and paste objects on a view
Thanks to this new feature you can create views even faster. You simply copy one or more objects from one view to another. Within a view these copies can also be made. This, among others, enables you to create your ‘ist’ and ‘soll’ situation proficiently. Are you willing to create an overview of the diverse domains you worked out? In that case ‘copy paste’ simplifies your actions, seen the fact multiple domains can now be easily merged. Good to know: as soon as you copy a selection, BlueDolphin ‘safeguards’ your selection for one minute, during which you can paste your selection elsewhere.


Download-functionality extended
When you down a view, a pop-up will prompt when you press the download button. This pop-up enables you to choose three types of files: PNG, SVG and PDF. SVG is a vector file; a format that allows you to print in any format. Let’s say, whenever you wish to replace the wallpaper at your office by your own views, an SVG file paves the way. Anyways, thanks to the new functionality, you select a file that best suits the way you save or share your views within your organization. Thereby, the name of the view will be automatically saved as the name of your file.

Search for a view in the objects browserZoekfunctie
This feature speaks for itself: a user friendly solution, especially when you work with a large amount of views. While working on a view, you can search for any other view in the objects browser.

Create multiple child-objects on a view
From now on parent-objects can contain multiple child-objects. One uses the right mouse button to do so. After selecting or creating a child-object, you easily order them within the parent-object.

Make the most of BlueDolphin’s colors
The colors of object types of the migration extension received a new color. The work-package and deliverable turned pink and the plateau and gap turned green. The colors in the objects browser as well as colors of objects on a view changed automatically, unless you customized their colours yourself in an earlier stage.


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