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The release of new BlueDolphin features, trends and developments in the digital business transformation. This page blogs about topics that matter in our industry. The input often comes from our own team, where our experiences are shared from the professional field.

Completely renewed back-end in BlueDolphin: How does that work?

The transfer from the old Cloud Services to the Service Fabric platform was a large step. We worked hard on this with the development team. Now it is time for optimization, so we can, for instance, scale even more precisely.

IaaS, PaaS & SaaS, what was that all about again?

When moving from on-premise to the Cloud, a choice must be made between the various Cloud services that are available; IaaS, SaaS and Easter. Terms that regularly pass, but what exactly do they contain?

Applicatie Portfolio Management: Money for the Taking

There are usually many more applications than strictly necessary. Too many applications make the IT landscape extra complex and entail high unnecessary costs. In addition, the quality of business processes …

Perfectly Aligning IT with the Business

IT is changing. At an increasing rate, with an increasingly larger impact on business operations. But where does an organization start when it comes to arming itself against changing legislation and regulations?